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Outsourcing Accountability November 21, 2018

Outsourcing Accountability

Do you carry a Satellite communication device? When embarking on adventures... Read More

What is Your Adventure? July 28, 2016

What is Your Adventure?

It's been just about three years now since we set out on our quest. I remember... Read More

Travel Insurance:  How to Play the Game January 22, 2016

Travel Insurance: How to Play the Game

Do you ever buy travel insurance for your journeys? Keep in mind, if something... Read More

Climb Every Mountain September 22, 2015

Climb Every Mountain

The big dramatic peaks of the North West are our showcase trips. People travel... Read More

Summit Day on Denali March 13, 2015

Summit Day on Denali

Reflections on the character building qualities of climbing mountains. Read More

Air: Planning for Optimal Weather July 24, 2014

Air: Planning for Optimal Weather

It's easy to let the excitement of an upcoming adventure over rule the planning... Read More

Air: Perceptions of Risk June 05, 2013

Air: Perceptions of Risk

Fear is a very real feeling, For beginners and experienced mountaineers alike.... Read More

Air: Descending a Climb with an... August 27, 2012

Air: Descending a Climb with an...

Tips for the experienced climber when rappelling with a beginner. Read More

Air: La Nina March 08, 2012

Air: La Nina

While La Nina contributes to drastic changes around the world it's places like... Read More