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Wired for Adventure February 18, 2019

Wired for Adventure

Is there something that terrifies you? Something deep in your subconscious... Read More

How Do You Breathe? January 23, 2017

How Do You Breathe?

Psychologist Abraham Maslow's pyramid of hierarchy of needs lists breathing as... Read More

OWN YOUR GAME March 23, 2016


Doping. Anabolic Steroids. Human Growth Hormones. Performance Enhancing Drugs. Read More

Focus on the Mission November 16, 2015

Focus on the Mission

What do top performers do that puts them ahead of the rest? I believe the... Read More

Fire: Vertigo March 27, 2014

Fire: Vertigo

When dealing with vertigo some people are affected and others are not. Is there... Read More

Fire: Ellation October 09, 2013

Fire: Ellation

The hidden treasures for climbers in North West Washington. Read More

Fire: Climbing for Brain Power October 12, 2012

Fire: Climbing for Brain Power

Climbers around the world have another reason to love what they do! Climbing... Read More

Fire: Restoring an Energy Crash in the... August 27, 2012

Fire: Restoring an Energy Crash in the...

The finer points of ways to avoid and recover from energy crashes while in the... Read More

Fire: Don't Skip the Warm Up March 23, 2012

Fire: Don't Skip the Warm Up

The importance of warming up before any activity, be it indoors or out. Read More