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What Motivates You?

Posted by Joseph Anderson

What motivates you?  When you get up, greet the day.  Do you think?  Contemplate?  Dream? Or do you just do?  Do things get in your way?  Doubts?  Reason? 

12 years ago I was attending an organized function of sorts.  The facilitator asked an auditorium full of us all to close our eyes and imagine a goal.  Not just any goal though, “ think of something that makes your blood run with adrenaline and excitement.”  They asked of us.  “An ultimate goal that demands action, that would push us from an unexplained source….think about what you really want ” 

Now to be clear this was during a time of extreme motivation in life for me but also extreme uncertainty.  I had big ambitions mixed with big dreams and my mind naturally began feasting on giant granite walls in the Indian Himalayas.  A place of worship for hindu mystiques and mountain climbers alike.  I saw the beautiful 4 thousand foot walls in my mind and decided I was entitled to this.  I will climb these walls!  There was the feeling of triumph, like finally I deserved what I wanted.  It was OK to be selfish.

“Now think of something that stands in your way” the facilitator continued “….Is there anything making this more challenging or seem to be not possible”  I immediately went into reality mode, I became angry with myself….My son, Jacob was almost a year old.  Cold sweats started to take me over.  “How could I be so selfish? Of course that’s not going to happen. “

“Now I want everyone to see their obstacle and just make it disappear.” 

At first this idea was absurd.  “I’m not going to just make my new little boy just disappear.”  I thought to myself.  But suddenly something hit me: Only the obstacle needs to disappear.  Suddenly there was no obstacle, there was only me and my beautiful boy Jacob and we were climbing the mountain together……



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