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Fire: Exercise your Perspective

Posted by Joseph Anderson

Fire: Exercise your Perspective

What creates a positive or negative outlook?  How is it that some people who come from unlikely circumstances accomplish superhuman feats throughout their lives, while others may be born into the lap of opportunity and don’t get beyond being self loathing, depressed, couch potatoes?  It could be that we really don’t make many of our own choices at all, but react to our daily environments based on things such as genetic predispositions, upbringing and habits.  In a practical sense, it is possible to physically mold your disposition, or constitution, towards fulfillment and happiness.  I am by no means proposing that this is the only road to these ends, just a very important piece of the puzzle that guarantees a boost in the right direction.  What I am proposing is to exercise your perspective.

Much of what we “choose” to do in our day to day lives – the food we eat, short-term intensive exercise routines, long bouts of sedentariness, etc. – leads to a buildup of by-product, sludge and a general lack of efficiency in our internal organs and bodies, in general.  For example, short-term intense exercise will leave our blood stream and muscle full of lactic acids, less-than-ideal eating habits leave us with excess starches, fats and blood sugars, while bouts of sedentary behavior allow it all to stagnate in our bodies like a desert watering hole.  Our Circulatory, Digestive and, most importantly, our Endocrine systems, are altered or compromised.  Addictions, bad habits and chemical imbalances lead us towards less healthy, less optimistic and cloudy decisions.

Anytime you partake in low level fat burning (50%- 60% of max heart rate) exercise for over 2 hours, all of that junk that’s been collecting in your body starts to move.  Plaque in the blood starts breaking down, the backlog of gunk in your liver washes out and lets it resume filtering at a normal rate and large and small intestines eliminate as they should.  Your body cleanses.  Some people believe that this kind of cleanse is the best kind and actually keeps you younger and happier, adding years to your life.  The key is keeping at the slow fat burning pace for several hours… 4 plus hours is ideal.  Any type of exercise that you can sustain all day is what you’re looking for.  Some perfect activities include Hiking, Mountaineering, Sea Kayaking and Backcountry Skiing.

So, here’s your incentive.  Go ahead, commit to an activity that gets you out into the natural world for extended times and watch your perspective strengthen.