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Learn to Lead Climb, Part 1 (2 days)

Skill Level:
Fitness Level:
Washington - Mt Erie
Washington: May 4-5; 11-12 June 14-15; 21-21
Trip Duration:
2 days

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“The Sharp end” as lead climbing is often referred to is about thinking ahead, taking responsibility and staying committed….Sharpen Your Mind.

This two phase clinic is broken up into two 2-day courses. Take them one at a time or as a continuous 4-day course. The first two days are focused on establishing the foundation for gear selection and placement, understanding efficient anchor building and learning the basics for route management. During the second two days we put your skills to work on increasingly complex terrain while receiving ongoing guidance, feedback and training. Join us!

Climbing skills you will learn:

  • Traditional Gear overview and placement
  • Fall Factors
  • Drop tests and impact forces (ropes, webbing and gear)
  • Anchor building
  • Belay station Management
  • Rope and Anchor Management 
  • Descending a Climb
  • Multi-pitch climbing
  • Managing Stress
  • Staying Focused

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