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Rock Climbing Lessons for beginners

Skill Level:
Fitness Level:
All fitness levels welcome
Washington: Mt Erie (Spring - Summer - Fall)
Washington: May 4; 5; 11; 12
Trip Duration:
1 day

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Rock Climbing Lessons for Beginners

A perfect one day introduction to rock climbing. We believe that everyone can enjoy rock climbing, and our goal is to get first-timers hooked on this fantastic sport. Come enjoy a fun and complete introduction to your climbing career.  Now with Well over 1000 participants that have gone through this program we are confident that this is one of the favorite places to begin rock climbing in the North West.

The Location


Prescott Dells.  Only an hour an half north of Phoenix Prescott is home to some of the best and most diverse rock climbing in the South West.  Our beginning rock climbing venue in the Prescott Dells is an incredible landscape of granit rock domes and spires.  It is such an otherwordly landscape that the original Planet of the Apes was filmed here.  It is of course an ideal place to learn to climb, it's 5 minutes from downtown Prescott and climbing is only a 2 minute walk from the parking.


Mt Erie located an hour North of Seattle, Washington and an hour South of Vancouver, Canada

We use the crags on Mt Erie for all of our Washington instructional programs.  Mt Erie is likely one of the most spectacular places to learn how to climb anywhere.  It also has excellent classrooms in practical sense as well.  

Rain Shadow:  As almost everyone knows, western washington is known for it's rain.  Well Mt Erie is conveniently located in Western Washington's Sunbelt which is protected by the majority of incoming weather by the Olympic Mountains to the Southwest and Vancouver Island to the North West.  Many rainy days in Seattle are actually sunny on the south faces of Mt Erie.

Beginning Rock Climbing Lessons Include

  • Introduction to basic terminology
  • Introduction of rock climbing gear
  • Selection of rock climbing gear
  • Belayer/Climber commands and rope work
  • Rock climbing techniques
  • Movement on the rock
  • Learning to rappel
  • Introduction to lead climbing

We Provide

  • All Climbing Equipment (If you own personal gear please bring that)
  • Professional Rock Climbing Guides (10 years plus experience and AMGA trained)
  • Most comprehensive curriculum in the business


Meet group at 9am.  After quick introductions we will outfit participants with harnesses, rock shoes and helmets (if you have personal items please bring those).  We then walk to our scenic class room and begin learning all there is to know about climbing.  The day typically wraps up around 4pm.