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Rock Climbing Rescue Training

Skill Level:
Fitness Level:
Washington - Mt Erie
Washington: May 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14
Trip Duration:
6 - 8 hours

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This clinic is for climbers of all levels who need to learn and practice the fundamentals of rope work and rock rescue. No matter your skill level, you will never regret learning or reviewing the many techniques of avoiding or getting out of a pickle, or rescuing a partner.

Climbing skills you will learn:

  • Escape belay and transfer load onto anchor
  • Ascending a rope and transition to counterbalance rappel
  • Backing up the system 
  • Load releasable knots
  • Establishing a base line
  • Rappelling with a victim
  • 3:1 haul system
  • 6:1 Haul system