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Stephen Karney , Alpine and Rock Guide in Cascades

Stephen Karney

Alpine and Rock Guide in Cascades

Steve has guided big ambitious climbs such as the West Rib of Denali and Mt Waddington in the elusive BC coast range.  Regardless of his wealth of experience Steve is a remarkable teacher and facilitator always giving more than is common to every class or trip.

Work Timeline:

May 2001 - Begin guiding for American Alpine Institute.  Rock and Alpine guide throughout North America

Spring 2005 - Successful guided ascent of West Rib of Denali.

Summer 2007 - Successful guided ascent of Mt Waddington British Columbia

Summer 2011 - Begin guiding for Peregrine Expeditions

Stephen by the Numbers


Years as a Guide

9 feet tall

Perceived Height

'everyone was the most impressed with your climbing guides. Our compliments to you and your colleagues. They were fantastic. Thanks, again!
West Sound Academy

Mt Erie, Washington

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